August Release

  • Added "Loan Boarding Identifier" field to proposed loan API endpoints.
  • Added a proposed loan ids filter to /v1/proposed-loans/basic-information.
  • New endpoint GET /v1/customers/properties has been added to list all available fields on the customer object.
  • New endpoint GET /v1/customers/properties/{id} has been added to get a single field on the customer object by ID.
  • New endpoint POST /v1/customers/properties/add has been added to create a new user defined field via the API on the customer object.
  • Added /v1/collaterals/properties/add access to the PII scrubbed scope toggle.

July Release

  • Create flag to scrub PII information on API calls
  • Add "applicationNumber" as filter to v1/loan-applications & /v1/loan-application-proposed-loan-mappings
  • Add Loan Boarding identifier field to return with the customer object

June Release

  • Create Status for each collateral widget
  • Enable GET ProposedLoans to filter by a range of proposed ID
  • Add/Open endpoint v1/collaterals/properties/add
  • Added Filter to GET v1/customer by city & state
  • Added Filter to GET v/1customers by email
  • Added Filter to GET v1/customers by taxId