Collateral Widget

Connecting your collateral services

The API collateral widget provides a way to send specified collateral information to Abrigo API partners via the user interface.

The collateral partner will develop to Abrigo's Sageworks API to give the user interface the ability to create a "Widget" on the collateral page and to GET/POST information from/to their system. This can be done for appraisals, flood reports, environmental, title insurance, and other collateral services.

The "Widget" appears in the form of a button and when interacted with by the end user will open an additional interface with fields assigned during development. These fields can be designated as required or non-required. Any default Sageworks field that is used in the widget will automatically populate with data from Sageworks. User-defined fields may also be generated and applied to the widget.

Once the user clicks "Order" it will create an event in which the partner may call for new events to receive the collateral information. Partners may add a status to the widget user interface, so that Sageworks users are able to see the status of their order on the collateral.

Once the partner decisions the information of the collateral they may POST updates to the collateral or POST any additional documentation to Abrigo's Document Library.