Workflow Automation

Start, track, and automate workflows

The Workflow Automation API allows you to automatically start workflows, find next-up tasks, and close out workflow steps within the Sageworks Workflow product so that your team can more efficiently complete workflow processes.

Imagine a customer walks into your local branch and provides new information about their relationship or loan. Wouldn't it be nice for the branch employee to kick off processes within Sageworks with a click of a button from the system they are already using? The Workflow Automation API allows you to do just this by kicking off workflows. Your team using Sageworks can then complete the tasks related to that Workflow from within Sageworks.

Perhaps your team is using an internal system or another vendors system to complete tasks associated to a workflow. Does that system know what tasks are up next so that it can action them? The Workflow Automation API enables you to see next up workflow tasks across all workflows or a specific workflow so that you can action those steps outside of Sageworks.

After a step is completed outside of Sageworks, the Workflow Automation API allows you to communicate back to Sageworks to mark tasks as complete. This way, your team knows exactly where the process stands and the next task can be assigned.

What’s Next

Try out the Workflow Automation API with your API credentials via our swagger documentation.

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