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Abrigo aspires to provide a world class developer experience that empowers our customers and their vendors to extend the functionality of Abrigo products, integrate complementary solutions, and create compelling new offerings for end users of Abrigo products.

Abrigo's Sageworks Lending Origination Software helps financial institutions efficiently grow and improve their customer experience. The platform includes integrated solutions for Lending, Credit Risk and Portfolio Risk, which can drive faster-lending decisions and a more defensible credit risk management framework.

The Sageworks API is a REST API that goes through Sageworks Auth, an identity provider application built using OAuth 2.0. It makes secure HTTPS requests.

Explore Use Cases

Explore common use cases that Abrigo customers are implementing with the Sageworks API in the Use Cases section of this documentation.

Visit the Sageworks Base API swagger documentation to understand the robust amount of functionality you can interact with to build integrated solutions.

License the Abrigo Sageworks API

The Abrigo Sageworks API requires an additional subscription on top of your enterprise license to the Abrigo Lending & Origination Software or Portfolio Risk & CECL software. Once licensed, your institution will be able to leverage the API for any number of use cases you build and deploy.

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